Anyone who has interviewed a potential listing agent has likely heard a variety of marketing ideas as it pertains to why you should hire them to list your home. Listing tools are effective in helping listing agents get hired, but are not what matter most when it comes to selling a home. Examples of listing tools include open houses, flyers, the weekly television show and print advertisements. Agents primarily use these tools to promote themselves and make the seller feel like they are getting value.

Consider the fact that over 90 percent of people use the internet for their home search. Do you really think a potential buyer is waiting for a listing agent to hold an open house so they can see the property, rather than calling their agent to arrange a showing? Selling tools are what matter most. Price is number one on the list and represents about 95 percent of the overall marketing of a home. Photos are crucial too. Anyone looking online is going to review photos carefully. Remarks or property description matter just as much. What you say about your home will give potential buyers an impression of what you are offering. Wording like “as is” and “needs work” are going to attract a different pool of people compared to “move in ready.”